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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I think I'm going to Cry

NK5-1# wr mem
% invalid command detected at '^' marker.
% Invalid command
NK5-1# wr ?
erase Destroys the configuration on persistent media

NK5-1# copy running-config startup-config
[########################################] 100%
Packaging and storing to flash: /

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What is the purpose of a Vacation?

It's an interesting question. Some people would say its a chance to get out and see something new. My answer is to provide a small break from the routine schedule and allow for you to really appreciate your normal way of life. I've found this is best accomplished by doing something that challenges the body while allowing your mind to sit idle.

Take camping for example. You take people that normally live in a house with comforts such as soft beds, central air conditining, cable TV, dishwasher, microwave, etc. and put them out into the woods with not much more than a can of bug spray and a sleeping bag. 2 or 3 days of living like that makes you really enjoy your normal way of life.

Well, this Labor Day weekend I decided to try and refresh myself by working on my father's birthday gift (Dad, if you are reading this, stop!). My Father has a 20-yr old boat named "Patience" which he leaves in a slip behind my house. He lives about 2 hours away and doesn't get down here nearly as often as he should. The wood railing along the rear cockpit of his boat (about 20 linear ft worth) was showing signs of neglect so I decided that instead of trying to buy him something, i'd clean up the rear of his boat. I really think he'll enjoy my efforts better than anything I could just go buy.

Anyhow, i'm not typically known for being a handy-man. I'm somewhat a blend of Weekend Warrior / Couch Potato / Techology Geek / Caffiene Addict kinda guy. Having never done wood restoration before, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.

The good news: I'm about 85% done and it already looks great. I have a final coat of stain + 2 coats of clear gloss to go. I'll be able to wrap it up before the weekend (one coat per day) and then the gloss should be able to fully dry out by his birthday (it takes a couple weeks to fully set up).

The even better news: I'm physically exausted (about 12 hours of sanding&filling and 2 hours of staining sofar) but completely mentally refreshed. I'm looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and I can't wait to see my Dad's reaction to the woodwork!

What a perfect Vacation!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

iPhone Personal use

I've been posting business related iPhone usage reports, so I figured I should post something for those less concered about power points & calendaring.

The 3rd party app store is amazing. What were Palm & Microsoft thinking? It should have always been this way (on-phone purchase/install). Click, Buy, Use!

Check this out (not me). It shows you just how an amazing device/interface it really is and what can be done:

I have Shazam installed. It's crazy that audio recognition has gotten so good.

Unfortunatly I live and work in a dead zone for most of the location services. I live half-way between the SF Bay Area and Sacramento and applications like Urban Spoon and iWant don't appear to have listings where I live or Work. When my travels take me to SF or Sac next i'm ready to give them a whirl.

The only personal user gripe is that there is no MMS or Video support. I love live blogging images & video's to the web in real time. Yes, there are 3rd party apps for a few larger sites, but the small ones I use don't support it (they used validated MMS addresses for image identification and posting).

I look forward to the day SlingBox releases their client (I the client on my Treo)

Whats funny? Its been a week and I have exactly ZERO point ZERO songs loaded. I listen to sattelite radio. I never used the iPod I had, I never kept music on my Laptop or Treo. If I want to listent to something its streamed.

Once the "newness" wears off

Well, I've been using the iPhone as my primary business communications device now for a week. I figure that's enough time for the thrill of a new device to wear off and to have an honest opinion.

The bottom line: The iPhone is far from perfect, but I'm not going back to my Goodlink Enabled Treo 750.

The battery is the big challenge. If you keep your fingers off the screen and don't make any calls, you'll make it thru the day. If you are obsessed with your inbox like me, you've better make sure you'll not be away from a charger for more than 4 hours at a time. With the conscious effort to ensure it's always plugged in at home, in the car, and whenever convenient at work, i've found I am not running below 20% very often.

ActiveSync appears to be able to Sync multiple contact folders. I've created a folder underneath my contacts for CompanyContacts and it appears to be sync'ng them. Unfortunately, It doesn't appear to like the format we use for company contacts (we start the contact name off with the company name) and so it appears to be a little confused. The bottom line is that while not as convenient as accessing the public folder, I should be able to script an update to happen daily.

My biggest disappointment with Apple's mail client is that it goes completely limp when you have no coverage. It appears to download headers only until you attempt to access the message. You can't read unread, move, or delete messages when you have no coverage. This is VERY annoying and I can't see Apple leaving it this way past the next major software update. I haven't used any other ActiveSync device with this limitation. You are able to compose NEW messages which get stored in the outbox and reply to messages that are already downloaded. With airplane mode enabled, you can see which features are disabled. When in an area with spotty coverage, you'll get an error when trying to move/delete/etc.

I'm a pretty demanding user (and so are the rest of the guys at SNI). My expectation is that everyone will want (and get) one of these at SNI in August.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

iPhone makes a major milestone!

It's been 13.5+ hours and my iPhone is still running on a single charge (Albeit it doesn't look like there is much left)! The following stats are near the end of the 4th full charge/drain cycle.

According to the Usage Stats right now:

Usage: 7 hours, 1 minutes
Standby: 13 Hours, 31 minutes

Current Call Time: 1 Hour, 3 minutes

Sent: 881K
Received: 6.2Mb

What's interesting is that there is no way I used the phone for 7+ hours today, so ActiveSync must trigger the usage timer. The phone spent most of its day today in WiFi range, so the cellular data usage was significantly lower than yesterday.

We'll see if I can do the same tomorrow (I'll be on the road/in the field all day). If I can get similar results tomorrow, I'll say that my #1 concern has been satisfied.

iPhone: The Day After....

So Yesterday was my first full day on the iPhone.

Before making you listen to all of my ramblings, I'll give you the bottom line: While I have a few concerns, sofar the it's the most powerful business-enabled remote communications device I've had the pleasure of working with.

Concern #1 - Battery Life

Yesterday I ran the battery to "dead" twice. It shut down once right after lunch and then again (after a full recharge started at 1PM) not too long after getting home. It took somewhere between 1.5 and 2 hours to fully recharge (I'll keep a closer eye on this for the next recharge). Solution: I'm going to keep a USB Charge/Sync cable in my laptop bag, I'm going to pick up a few cradles (home , car, office) so that it's charging when it's convenient, and i' going to pick up one of the 3rd party "connector" based add-on batteries for emergency situations. I don't want to deal with enabling/disabling Bluetooth, G3, or WiFI so I'm going to go with "keep a charger around" model and see if this solves my blackouts.

Concern #2 - No Public Folder Contacts

I've decided that I will no longer call anyone and just wait for inbound calls. Well, since that obviously wont work, i'll have to figure this out. This will probably be my weekend project.

Concern #3 - ActiveSync != Goodlink

For the last 3+ years I've been using GoodLink. Before that I was using Blackberry (at first Pager-style then eventually the early phones). GoodLink's sync is so fast & accurate that you really feel like it's a mobile outlook client. The iPhone's ActiveSync implementation feels loosely coupled to my inbox... I'm not yet confident that a urgent email isn't hovering on the exchange server that has not yet made it to my phone. I often have Outlook open on my laptop while i'm holding the phone and the inboxes don't match until I refresh. Dissapointing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

24 Hours of iPhone goodness

It's 1:00PM and my iPhone's battery is completely drained. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or a bad sign.

The bad: I'm now stuck without my device (until it recharges)

The Good: It means I really enjoyed using the device. I only let it sit idle for 1 elapsed hour the entire morning!

I was paying close attention to the runtime today. Counters since last charge: 5.5 hours total (shown as the standby timer) and 4.5 hours (shown as the usage timer). Cellular Airtime was just over an hour of the 4.5. Data Transfered was ~20Mb (i've had a total of 35Mb in the 24 hour window since I activated)

I started off today at 7:30AM by pulling the iPhone off the charger and heading out the door for work. I don't yet have a car charger. Typically my phone sits in the car charger atleast 2 hours a day as I drive 1-hour each way to/from my office. I sat on 2 conference calls on my ride in connected thru the bluetooth interface to my Jeep's MyGIG navigation radio. By the time I got to work it was 30-40% drained.

At the office, I proceeded to interact with my phone while in several meetings. Just before I headed out to lunch it warned me I had 20% remaining. I used it to make several calls on my way to and from lunch (which was an excellent bowl of Pho by the way, more on that another time).

It turned off with a little beep sound just after getting back to my desk.....

Click on the image to connect to the live webcam